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Japanese folding screens - Byobu Gallery online shop - We specialize in supplying a selection of 200 quality, original, traditional Japanese screens, called Byobu.   All works are painted by very skillful traditional master artists in Japan one at a time.  We ship worldwide directly to you from our gallery in Japan. 

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Welcome to our Byobu Gallery,
Japanese folding screens!
Traditional Japanese themes, such as Flowers & Birds, Landscapes or Tales of Genji are painted on gold leaf plated paper or gold dyed silk Byobu.

We will bring you masterpieces of Japanese original painting screens from our award-winning Master-hand of Shinshu, Japan.  All works are new and original, and signed by the prestigious, traditional Japanese artists who are listed in the "Bijutsu-nenkan", Japanese Fine Arts Annual. 

Please scroll down and click on the image you wish to view.  Please let us know by e-mail which item you would like to purchase.  We will help your orders to be express shipped directly to you from our warehouse & mounting place in Japan. 

The gold Byobu screens are absolutely gorgeous! for decorating a large wall in your living room, dinning room, office, store, restaurant, hotel, culture centre, foyer, reception hall, school office of international students, or including in the collection in the fine art museum.

Example of Display


Office_with_byobu.jpg (146576 バイト)

Click on each picture to view a price, a larger version of the image and the name of the artist.

Flowers and Birds

* * * *   Size: Height 90 cm (36") x Width 180 cm (71") fold of 4



b0005-1.jpg (73828 バイト) b0007.jpg (619134 バイト)
X-101 X-102_new X-103


b0009.jpg (669506 バイト)
X-104 X-105 X-106_new


b0017.jpg (149821 バイト) b0039.jpg (196841 バイト)
X-107 X-108 X-109_new


b0023.jpg (126856 バイト)
X-110_new X-111_new X-112


b0027.jpg (604816 バイト)
X-113_new X-114_new X-115


b0028.jpg (133519 バイト) b0029.jpg (96690 バイト) b0030.jpg (99773 バイト)
X-116 X-117 X-118


b0031.jpg (116323 バイト) b0037.jpg (450896 バイト) b0038.jpg (200537 バイト)
X-119 X-120 X-121


b2012.jpg (209963 バイト) b2013.jpg (99206 バイト)
X-122_new X-123 X-124


b2017.jpg (139727 バイト) b2018.jpg (377850 バイト)
X-125_new X-126 X-127


b2019.jpg (605976 バイト) b2020.jpg (141194 バイト) b2021.jpg (356022 バイト)
X-128 X-129 X-130


b2022.jpg (127182 バイト) b_f_kaki.jpg (286345 バイト) sakura-goldsilk2.jpg (572670 バイト)
X-131 X-132 X-133


b2022kin.jpg (56005 バイト) sakura.jpg (660694 バイト) b2011_omd.jpg (125284 バイト)
X-134 X-135 X-136


ryusui.jpg (174587 バイト) b-kujaku2.jpg (309449 バイト)
X-137 X-138_new X-139


b-tsuru matsu3-2.jpg (751072 バイト) saura w.jpg (399752 バイト)
X-140 X-141 ( H 90cm x W 180cm) set of 2 screens


Pine tree and Bamboo

 * * * *

b0014.jpg (117986 バイト) b2023.jpg (95885 バイト)
X-142 X-143_new X-144


b2024.jpg (568135 バイト) bM079.jpg (107233 バイト) bM078.jpg (294540 バイト)
X-145 X-146 X-147


Special Size

* * 6 panels  : H 90 cm W 240cm to 270 cm Gold screen * *

b00061.jpg (60282 バイト) b2011-6kyoku.jpg (588250 バイト)




b-kourin6.jpg (600004 バイト)




b0009-b2.jpg (146646 バイト)



 **  Size: Tall screen: H 114cm-120 cm x W 180 cm, 4 or 2 panels screen * *

b0018-120.jpg (540170 バイト) hanaguruma marukawa.jpg (713190 バイト) mb10.jpg (537481 バイト)
X-153 X-154 X-155


mb12.jpg (75138 バイト) b-tsuru-g.jpg (549908 バイト) B_botan3.jpg (181149 バイト)


X-157 X-158


mb21.jpg (351391 バイト)

bM22.jpg (92272 バイト) B_biniume56.jpg (154802 バイト)
X-159 X-160 X-161
jinbutsu.jpg (93163 バイト)  
X-1612_new X-1613_new(H 120cm W 180cm)  





b0006 W240 H160.jpg (742147 バイト)

b0009.jpg (669506 バイト) b0015 T1.jpg (50252 バイト)
X-162(H 160m W 240cm) X-163(H 140c W 280cm) X-164
(H 160cm W 120cm


Tales of Genji


* * Tales of Genji and Nanban ship from Spain and Portugal in Edo period * *


b0010.jpg (339100 バイト)

b2015.jpg (640801 バイト) b2016.jpg (78071 バイト)
X-165 X-166 X-167


bM019.jpg (128171 バイト)

bM020.jpg (212144 バイト)
X-168 X-169 X-170_new


bM007.jpg (668270 バイト)

b2005b.jpg (41535 バイト) nishijin.jpg (158148 バイト)
X-171(H175cm W180cm) X-172(H175cm W180cm) X-173(H175cm W180cm)

Big  Size

* *  H 180 cm (71") x W 180 cm - 360cm (71" - 142") fold of 2-4 Gold screens * *

take honken.jpg (516035 バイト) b3211.jpg (111204 バイト)
X-174 X-175 X-176


sakura180cm4kyoku.jpg (572916 バイト)

b0006 W180 H180 4koyku b.jpg (657642 バイト) b0006 honken.jpg (65698 バイト)
X-177 X-178 X-179


B_botan56.jpg (144005 バイト)

b2007.jpg (39984 バイト) b3201.jpg (105748 バイト)
X-180 X-181 X-182


Kujaku honken2b1.jpg (748327 バイト)

kujaku.jpg (171412 バイト)

honken turu11.jpg (727492 バイト)

X-183 X-184 X-185


tsuru-matu honken.jpg (62842 バイト) honkin-matsu6.jpg (260203 バイト)
X-186 X-187


sakura 170-360-3.jpg (616968 バイト)

X-188 X-189_new


kourin honken.jpg (82602 バイト)
X-190_new X-191


kujaku-honken.jpg (58118 バイト)

matu-kiku-sasa.jpg (71200 バイト)
X-192 X-193


b-shishi1.jpg (711399 バイト)

b-shishi2.jpg (596755 バイト)
X-194 X-195


Landscape of mountain and water


  Size: H 90 cm (36") x W 180 cm (71") fold of 4 


b0004.jpg (383982 バイト)

b0016.jpg (306447 バイト) b0032.jpg (128885 バイト)
X-1901 X-1902 X-1903


b0033.jpg (124335 バイト)

b0034.jpg (140802 バイト) b0035.jpg (322834 バイト)
X-1904 X-1905 X-1906


b2025.jpg (628722 バイト)

b2026_1.jpg (339244 バイト) b2026.jpg (94163 バイト)
X-1907 X-1908 X-1909


Fuji.jpg (87484 バイト)

B_suisha3.jpg (140404 バイト) B_shikunshi3.jpg (134506 バイト)
X-1910 X-1911 X-1912



 * * Landscape Gold Screen * * Size: H 120 - 175 cm  W 180 cm


B_ikada3.jpg (103891 バイト)

B_yamaji3.jpg (163144 バイト) B_inakaya56.jpg (158178 バイト)
X-1913 (H120cm W180cm) X-1914 (H120cm W180cm) X-1915 (H175cm W180cm)


B_nihonmatsu56.jpg (139965 バイト)

sansui b.jpg (186462 バイト) b2008.jpg (52613 バイト)
X-1916 (H175cm W180cm) X-1917 (H175cm W180cm) X-1918 (H175cm W180cm)

All original signed arts:
All our paintings are original signed arts. Please acknowledge that images you can see in this online gallery and the real color of painting and silk borders may not be exactly the same.


To inquire about the availability and/or to order: Please send e-mail to with the Item number that you are interested in.

We are committed to bringing only the best from the world of exquisite masterpieces right to your home and office to be appreciated for its timeless beauty and elegance.
We strive for our customers' satisfaction. We would like to hear any comments from you!


Red Maple Connection is registered with the Government of Canada.  By working together with the Gallery in Japan, your orders are express shipped directly to you from our warehouse & mounting place in Japan.

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